Pine Trees: The Right Time To Trim Them In Louisiana

Jan 17, 2024

Pine trees are a big part of Central Louisiana’s beauty. We love them for their evergreen foliage, year-round beauty, shade, and ability to provide privacy. Learning when to prune them is essential to maintaining your property’s beauty and value. 

According to Tyler Walls of Walls Tree Service, the optimal time to trim is typically during late winter to early spring, which translates to February through early April in Central Louisiana. This time period is ideal for the following reasons:

  • During late winter and early spring, pine trees are in a state of dormancy, meaning they are not actively growing. This reduces the risk of harming the tree’s growth and health.
  • Fungal diseases that can infect pine trees are less active in colder temperatures.
  • With the tree’s foliage minimized, the structure is easier to see which makes it easier to determine which branches need trimming.
  • Pruning during these specific months encourages new growth in the spring. This helps the tree to fill in and maintain its shape.

Call Walls Tree Service to evaluate the pine trees on your property. We serve Alexandria, Pineville, Ball, Woodworth, Jena, Marksville, Bunkie and beyond.